Soil Sensor AWG gauge wire

I needed to buy a new soil sensor. I saw on the BOM that 20 AWG was needed for the soil sensor jumpers but I could not find 20AWG and got 16 Gauge instead.

Will this work or do I have to use 20 AWG?


16AWG should be fine. Since it’s larger it might be more difficult to work with, but you could always trim a few strands if the ends don’t fit.

Awesome. Yeah it took some work getting it into the contacts on the soil sensor but I got it in and now im going to test the sensor.

Thanks Gabriel. :+1:

One more quick question.

What numerical value should i be looking for if the soil sensor is not in soil and just dry and in the open air?

It should be toward the left end of the bar in the Sensors widget.

roger that. just making sure.

thank you for the replies and info