Soil Sensor Details and .stl file

I’m sorry. I’m not finding, in the bill of materials or elsewhere, many details about the soil sensor except for instructions on assembly. I can’t find an .stl file for 3d printing of the tool in the manufacturing files folder or a spec/price/where to buy in the BOM page. Help?

I don’t know about the sensors that were included in the Farmbot…

I went looking to see what kinds of sensors are available for soil… There were dozens of ways to measure the amount of water in the soil, but I couldn’t find any others…
Is there others? I’d like to see a list of any that are available… Not so much manufacturers… Just what they sense? Or both.

I know a camera could check soil color.
Infrared? Perhaps small changes in temp over the whole plot using passive
Litmus test? But how to sense the acidity from the Farmbot? This will be important if we are trying to grow the mycelium in the soil
Water test using capatitance…
Ultrasound to show root structure and fungi in the dirt?
Others? This seems a pretty limited supply!


Hey there, the soil sensor is still really new in development. The one you see in the video is literally the first one we ever made (just a week before we launched in July!) We haven’t yet published the .STL file for it because we’re still developing it and don’t want to post too early something that will be outdated so quickly, though we should have some more finalized files up in a few weeks. The soil sensor board itself though is this one from Spark Fun:

Hey Rory, do you know when you might release the soil sensor .stl? Thanks!

@happilymarrieddad you can see the v1.1 CAD model here. If you want to export as an .STL, you will need to make a free Onshape account, then right click the part and select Export from the menu. Make sure you export in mm and at the fine resolution.

Hey Rory,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me. I can’t wait to finish my farmbot!!!

So I am interested in the soil sensors and before I saw my first look at Farm bot I had checked this video on youtube its an automated gardening system

the most important thig I got from it was the sensor choice

I am thinking of using these in my own project

also other sensors available like TEMP

Dose any one have any experence with these sensors

Thanks and regards Larry