Someone needs to correct these mistakes on "Bill of Materials"


  1. Just throwing this out there… the picture for the “GANTRY COLUMNS” shows a 20 x 60 V-Slot… but the description under the picture says it is a 20mm x 40mm V-Slot. Judging by the picture of the assembled bot I’m assuming that the 20 x 60 is correct so the description needs to be updated for that one.

  2. Under the Vacuum there is a random “Power Supply Cable” with no description or picture. Is that relevant? is it an old thing? do we still need that for the current build we are on? if so why is it not in the listed description above this section. This thing confuses me.

Just trying to help the best I can. Don’t want anyone to buy stuff they don’t need or to get hung up on some trivial things. Keep up the good work fellow farmers :slight_smile:

  • Shaun

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. You are correct that the gantry columns should be 20x60 size, and I’ve updated the table accordingly.

The vacuum is still something we are testing out and finalizing, so the docs are somewhat incomplete for that reason. Once we figure out exactly which vacuum and other peripherals we use we’ll update them. Right now though for anyone building their own device they’ll have to hack it together themselves or wait until we figure it out. Sorry for that inconvenience.


I think there is a small mistake with plates quantity.

According to the GenesisV1.0.SLDASM, it should be :

  • 4 Track End Plates
  • 2 Track Joining Plates

There is an inversion (4<->2) in Bills of Material in both V0.9 and V1.0.


Thanks for catching and reporting that, I just updated the docs!