Sometimes RPI3 Wifi will disappear


I encountered a problem that Wifi (name is Farmbot-1309) will disappear if I connect failed…
And I must remake the Farmbot OS into SD card again if the Wifi disappear.
Maybe some Wifi info has been log into Farmbot OS …

Has anyone ever had this problem? and how to solve this issue?



During which step of the FarmBot Configurator instructions does the issue occur? After a successful configuration, the FarmBot’s WiFi network should disappear because it will connect to the WIFi network provided. Does it disappear before you can submit the credentials in FarmBot Configurator? Or does it not connect to the WiFi network you provide after its own “farmbot-xxxx” network disappears?

Information that can be helpful to include when describing a problem:

  • Version (In this case, which FarmBotOS release?)
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • Expected results

I can´t sync my farmbot

Hi Gabriel,
Thank you for your prompt~
You are right! if I disable my WIFi network AP then its own "farmbot-xxxx " will appear again.

I think that is my Wifi signal is unstable, thank you again!


Unfortunately I find the signal strength of the RPI very weak! During configuration standing right next to it, the configuration pages load VERY slow.
My AP is right next to the RPI (2m away!) and the RPI Wifi strength is showing only 13%.
Is this a bad RPI or is there any way to boost the signal of the RPI?


Also, after a reboot of the RPI (complete farmbot) - will it first try to connect to the last set WIFI settings or does it automatically go into configuration mode (which would be very bad)?

Is it trying to connect again to the Wifi AP after some time or will it remain stuck in the configuration?
If an AP goes down (for example to upgrade the firmware) the RPI should not reboot and go in configuration mode forever.


Once FarmBot OS is configured successfully, it will use those credentials every boot. Factory resetting is the only way those credentials will be cleared. There is an Automatic Factory Reset setting in the Power and Reset section of the Device page Device widget that you can disable if you don’t want FarmBot OS to factory reset if it can’t connect using the supplied credentials.


I had to exchange the RPI :frowning: as soon as I put a replacement RPI in the Farmbot everything worked just fine. I guess I got a bad one.


I still get a lot of connectivity errors:

Last shutdown reason: WIFI Authentication failed. (incorrect psk)

I do have multiple APs across my house and it looks like the PI tries to reconnect between them and fails because it “stores the PSK of the AP it was connected to”? That is preventing roaming between APs for a moving robot not a very good idea.

Next the MQTT/AMQP connection is way to sensitive on disconnects. IoT is considered loosly connected network and should handle disconnects/reconnects gracefull (not just rebooting and saying “it failed to connect”).

Also it looks like the closes the RPI comes to my Access Point - which I put almost right next to the Farmbot - it fails to connect.

If you are working on the communication of the Farmbot PI here a couple suggestions:

Ditch MQTT !!! This protocol was NEVER meant for IoT or bidirectional communication. Unfortunately IBM and other wannaby IoT Companies did not have any better idea and now we have to live with all the shortcomings of MQTT.

Since you are tunneling MQTT over WebSockets anway…why not use WebSockets in the first place? Its a proven IT protocol that can handle disconnects/reconnects fairly easily. Every webserver out supports it and there is not need for another broker in front of your already scaleble webserver.

build in some more robustness in the Wifi connectivity - that might be a “nerves” issue but from a good IoT Platform I would expect more.

Also not sure why there is additional AMQP floating around…AMQP is better the MQTT but why all of that? WebSockets alone have all the properties you need (fast, direct if necessary, supports even proxies what the other two do not support without special “socks5” configuration, and its IT approved)
Your connectivity would be much simpler (no more broker - all goes through the webapp).

Maybe for version 7?

Me for my part I am trying to figure out if I can give the Farmbot a fake MQTT broker address that just replies back to the bot “yes you are connected and no I dont have anything for you”…and all the rest I do with your celery script direct access on http Port of the PI