Sourcing Aluminium parts - EUROPE

I live in France, and I want to mount a Farmbot Genesis model (the little one for start i think).
I’m facing a problem regarding aluminium parts (for plastic ones, no problem, with a 3D printer).

Can you give me advice regarding aluminium (anodised) parts ?

  • Who can produce these parts in europe for a simple private people ?
  • Is a chinese CNC 3018 (with a little motor like standard 120W or 500W) can produce these parts ?
  • Where source anodised aluminium ?

Thanks for help ! I really appreciate.

Hello @jbdivx

Easiest way would be to find a online service for laser or waterjet cutting. Try searching in the internet for such services that provide the service for non business customers. I also ordered my parts that way and it was super easy and comfortable. I payed ~100€ for all the parts in standard non anodized aluminium, but that was years ago.

That little CNC is not made for milling aluminium. Even with an upgraded spindle you won’t be able to cut the parts out properly.

Its not necessarily needed to use anodized aluminium. It does look nice and fits to the surface of the rails but you can also use standard aluminium. You should be able to order aluminium online or in a local store.

Hello Ascend, Tanks for fast answers !

After search, i’ve found homemade CNC with real spindle :):
This homemade can cut alu 16mm for ex…
It is not necessary for farmbot project bu I will probably produce alu part myself.
Regarding PCB, is there people wich produce his own PCB ? Is it really possible ?

Thanks !

You don’t need a fancy CNC cutting machine for the aluminum parts. Just print the shape on paper, then use some glue stick to stick the paper to your aluminum plate.
You can then cut it along the lines by using either an electric jigsaw or a manual hacksaw, and drill the holes precisely.
It’s very easy to do, keep it simple!