Sourcing parts & STLs

I ran across some 2060 extrusions the other day and thought to myself, I might be able to join them together to make the gantry of an Express XL. I have a 3d Printer and thought that I could print a lot of my own parts. So this got me going down the rabbit hole of wondering how much I could print and how much I could buy. I get that the parent company puts together kits for us and I’m all for them existing to make a profit, but heck, it’s not open source unless people tinker right?

So my question is this. Has anyone taken the time to take the Express version and export everything to STL? I would of course make the gantry out of the extrusions and the motors would be purchased (or repurposed from old 3d printers)

I see that the CAD models are on OnShape, but I’m a bit novice with that site and CAD models to begin with so before I go and learn some new software which I frankly don’t have the desire or time to do right now, is there a repo of just STLs?

If someone wants to partner with me, I’m open to collaborating.

You can export from On Shape STLs easily. I have done it before but just for certain parts. I suggest you spend a bit of time in OnShape and on google and you’ll get there. I doubt you want to 3D print the linear rail though or the lead screw and belts.