Speed of farm bot

I have noticed that the speed of general operations is generally slow, yet the speed of ‘Find Length’ is fast. It is actually quite impressive.

Speed comparisons for 3 M bed length
Find X length = 24 Seconds
General movement = 42 Seconds

Find Y length = 10 Seconds
General movement = 19 Seconds

Zero dropped steps recorded in the log files
This proves the hardware can be quite zippy but there is a software setting that is limiting the hardware capability.

It is almost twice as fast yet the motor setting do not allow for this.


How do I make the FB run at the ‘Find Length’ speed as I cannot change the settings to get that fast in fact going to 120 is about the fastest it goes and that make also not real difference.

@jsimmonds Come on, John. I know you want to have a look. :crazy_face:

Are you looking over my shoulder @mvillion ? :wink:

Yes, after we get this :badarg nonsense sorted I’m heading directly to the Arduino code.

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