Split beds for easier access - will this work?

Hi FarmBot community

We have just ordered a Farmbot Genesis XL and are beginning to plan our raised bed (very exciting!). We have an idea for a farmbot modification that we would like your thoughts on.

The problem: Much of the bed area of the Genesis XL is not reachable within an arm’s length.

The proposal: To add an ‘aisle’ down the center of the bed so that beds can be accessed from both sides, maximising reachable area while maintaining a large overall planting area, as shown in the diagram below.

Of course we understand that the system is designed for a rectangular bed and there will be a certain degree of management/care required with this unusual setup (I.e. not planting seeds in mid air!).

My questions:

  • Is reachable area a real problem for Genesis users? Do you wish that your bed was more accessible or does FarmBot really do all the work so you only have to harvest? !!!
  • I am aware of the importance of frame rigidity and would consider including cross beams (shown grey) to ensure constant track separation distance. Do you forsee rigidity being a problem nonetheless?
  • Outside of rigidity is this likely to cause other hardware issues?
  • Outside of midair planting (manageable) Is this likely to cause any other software issues?
  • Is this likely to cause any planting/growth issues?

Many thanks!



This looks like an interesting idea @bencobley

From an initial inspection, this seems like it will work, but I think an easier option would be to build a full garden bed (or better yet, pier block setup) and line a middle strip of pavers for walking.

  • Requires less wood
  • More in line with how FarmBot was expected to be built
  • Easy to revert if you change your mind later.

With that being said, I think this could work if you can guarantee that both beds are identically level and parallel (this will make the garden bed construction twice as difficult, and rail alignment is arguably the most difficult task when installing a device).

Please do share photos if you do end up going with this design. We are curious to see the results.

CC: @roryaronson @Gabriel


Yes, we did something pretty similar with our Express and it worked great!

The whole raised bed is built on top of 4x4 post skids to ensure rigidity. The side and rear plantable areas are all 3 feet wide/deep with an 18” service walkway down the center.

New user so one image per post, will follow with another…