Spring Progress (photo)

Had to upgrade the pressure regulator on the Farmbot today. My line pressure runs at 90 PSI and the little DIG brand regulator that maxes out at 100 psi inlet gave out. The new one is rated to 120 PSI with an outlet of 25 psi. Added another support bracket on the piping. Also finally installed the tool bays. The Kale and Chard are going crazy right now and we are taking cuttings every day. Pulled the second harvest of radishes yesterday. I have beets going in behind them. Cucumbers are slow to take for some reason.


Is that an Extra solenoid for watering or did you move the Farmbot one from the gantry? I added a second to handle extra irrigation around the yard and wondered if you did the same.

I have a Genesis V1.2+ and that is was the location of the 12v solenoid for that version.
I made the following changes to my Genesis: moved vacuum pump to Z axis, added LED light strip. Other than that, it is a V1.2. Pre-Farmduino.


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