Stand Alone System

Hi all, new on here, project looks like a great start to automated farming. My wife and I just bought some farm land in hopes of transition into it full time. Being an EE by trade I’m a bit of a nerd for this kind of stuff though.

I noticed in the video that the gui and maybe the image files are stored online. Our land being rural doesn’t have reliable internet connection and we were never planning on improving that either as family will have a good connection when we need to go online.

How difficult would it be to have a downloadable version so that I could run it on a isolated server and go over wifi or bt to the farmbot?

This has been discussed before. The simplest way is to have two machines. One for serving all the stuff, and then the machine for Farmbot. This could very easily be two Raspberry Pi3’s, but you do loose a small feature set like auto updates of the entire stack, etc. There is pretty extensive documentation on setting up all the individual moving parts of the system and we would be glad to help get it set up.

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Excellent, sounds like I can hardwire everything in that case and bring in the updates manually if required. Thank you.

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I have very similar to your case, I have no stable internet connection so I would like to manage my farm using local network connection with keep using Farmbot code,
Is that possible?

Hello Connor could you guid me how to apply this changes on farmbot os?

There is nothing special that needs to be done to Farmbot OS. When configuring your Bot you will just need to make sure to fill out the “server” field with your local server instance

Thank you for your replies, I am working on this topic :slight_smile:

Hello Connor, I have downloaded Ubuntu server 16.10, could you tell what is the next step?
should I install it on Raspberry pi 3? how can I do that?

Hello Robert,
how far did you get on this topic?

Best, : Like Connor mentioned, The FarmBot server does not run on the RaspberryPi. You will need a second machine to stay online on the same Wifi network as the device.

Unfortunately, this is not a simple task for many users, especially those without prior software development or systems administration experience. For these reasons, our recommendation for most users is to use the officially supported server at . If you still wish to self host, you can follow the instructions for setting up a server here. Although the setup procedure is well documented, it is not a trivial task and may require previous knowledge in Linux systems administration.

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