Starting Project Balcony Farmbot

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to say I’m super inspired by the work being done here. What I am writing below is an outline to my overall plan, with the goal of maximizing production out of a very limited space.

As luck would have it the space I have to work with is my 3’ by 7’ apartment balcony. I plan to do my best in a 1’ by 4’ hanging trough. Goals for the end of the project include:

  1. Functioning rig with watering, planting, and weeding capability.
  2. Rain water collection and filtering.
  3. Solar power supply.

The challenges here may be a little daunting:

  1. Reduced size mean a notably smaller rig. This will impact both hardware requirements in tooling, design, and how software interacts with the system. Features will have to be compromised.

2.Limited selection of crops. I’ll probably be restricted to herbs and maybe one or two larger plants. Would appreciate any suggestions on things that grow well at this scale.

  1. I’m basically throwing out any economy of scale. With such a small scale mistakes will be more punishing.

To get started i’m going to start wrapping my head around arduino, raspberry pi, and sourcing smaller components for the winter months.

Thanks for the great resources, time to get to work :slight_smile:

The idea of a flat packed automated garden is great. Many people rent and can’t have something permanent/ the space anyway. Even if it didn’t plant the seeds. Delivers an ok design for this but again space would be an issue and farm bots interface seems way better than that guy. I’m happy to bounce ideas around but I can’t start making my own atm.