Starting with Seedlings Instead of Seeds? Anyone tried this?

I’m a newbie, planning on installing my farmbot this weekend. Given that it’s a little late in the season to start my garden with seeds, I wanted to manually plant seedlings.

Has anyone done this before? How’d you do it? I’m not sure the best way to plant them and then make sure farmbot is aware of their location, age and type of plant etc.

Any advice is appreciated!

It’s been a year since the original post. Has anyone tried (or had success with) starting with seedlings?

Hey @FredWalter I did have some success with this. What I did was first lay out my garden in the farm designer. I then wrote a sequence that would move the UTM to each plant in the garden and I would plant the appropriate seedling at the relevant UTM location.

Honestly, I found this to be much more productive than planting seeds with the seeding tool. In my experience that wasn’t worth the effort. Not enough suction. The needle gets clogged. Drops seeds etc.

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