Step-by-step Raspberry Pi Software config

I need a step by step assistance in setting up the software.
All 5 steps listed here, I did successfully.
Then connect to farmbot-0s12 network, open page.
FarmBot WiFi Configurator opened in a browser, I’m enter wi-fi network data, save the settings (in the log message show: “Farmbot is stopping hostapd”).
Then connect to my network and open page.

And then it is not clear what to do, how to set up the equipment.


How to see that Farmbot online?
How to change the settings marked with the number 2? In these fields is not possible to enter values.
All steps in 1 sec pops inscription “FarmBot Did not Get That” (see number 1).
No explanations in the documentation is not.

The board is constantly lit the red light, sometimes blinks green.
When you connect the board to the monitor via HDMI in the upper right corner I see a colored square, smoothly changing colors. No more messages and images on the screen there.

The colored square indicates that the Raspberry Pi’s power supply is inadequate. Try a 5V 3A power supply.

If the ‘farmbot-0s12’ network doesn’t come online again, then configuration should be successful. If the Controller version shows up, the Raspberry Pi is connected. If the hardware parameters show up, the Arduino is connected with the firmware (you may use the Firmware Update button to install the firmware once the Raspberry Pi is connected).

Power supply is 12V 10A, and DC/DC converter output is 5V 3A.
Today Farmbot is online, but stepper not moving.
Question: which optimum values for the settings on the right side?

I think that 1500 millimeters per second (default value) - these are too large value.
And for some reason, input values are not stored after pressing the Save button but shows default next time.