Steps per mm values gone


In the website Device->Hardware->Motors section, my Farmbot is no longer displaying any values in the three “Steps per mm” fields. I ran some tests and it seems to be thinking the x, y, and z are all set to 25 but the z used to be set to 100.

I’ve tried setting them again, but after I type a number in, it just blanks them out again.

Does anyone know what might be wrong and how to fix this?

What is your FarmBot OS version? (Device page > Device widget > FarmBot OS)

Hi Gabriel,
It was 5.0.8. I’ve upgraded to 6.2 and it is fine now. Sorry I should have checked Kizzie’s Farm was up to date first.

Kizzie (shown below) is very pleased with how well her smorgasbord is doing!