STL file not functioning

Hi Guys.
A few issues today.
I followed all FarmBot instructions and could not get an STL into either a Dremel or FlashForge 3D printer.

So we tried a few things.

  • different SD cards
  • all onshape file formats
  • downloading the files to the 3D printer computer and try to connect via usb cord
  • exporting files as OBj
  • exporting as text and binary STL files
  • using mesh mixer to export as FPP file
  • use Flashprint to upload to printer

This is what we were trying to print
image image

Any tips?
(I am also about to trawl the interweb :+1:

I have just identified that the file I saved from here:
was saving with the dimensions all measuring less than 0.1mm

Now I just have to figure out why the download dimensions are so wrong.

:slight_smile:and :frowning:

Here’s the problem

Working on solution

Solution (in-theory… going for proof of concept at 1200 today):
Open parts using guidance from here:

Copying and modifying parts

(as found on FarmBot website)

  1. RMB on item I want to download, select “Hide other instances”
  2. Use “Select and Export” function in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Save as STL - (Make sure saving the isolated part and not the whole assembly!)
  4. Import to MeshMixer.
  5. Under the “analysis tab” select “Units/Dimensions”.

Here’s the fun part…
I needed to confirm one true dimension. MeshMixer will auto-snap the other dimensions in accordance with the ratio aspect of the drawing.
To confirm the dimensions I did this:

  1. Use the “Display Orientation Navigator” (I made that name up!!) in the top right hand of screen to orient the drawing to the most useful view. I used Isometric view with Z as the horizontal axis. Looked like this.
  2. Use the measuring tape to identify the width of the face as per FarmBot’s design. In this case it was 40mm.
  3. Enter that dimension into MeshMixer, and whammy… All Good (in theory…)

At least I can get the print file to load and export as an .FPP now from FlashPrint :slight_smile:

One step closer!

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