STM32 firmware file

Hi, everyone! I’m new here so I hope you’ll be kind to me :relaxed: Does anyone have a firmware file (.hex format) for the STM32 chip used in Farmduino board? I appreciate any help :grin:

Hi @Jane,

The files can be found here:

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Thanks! But looks like those are for main chip (MEGA2560), however I’m searching the firmware for STM32 chip (the one, responsible for encoders).

Here ya go!


Thanks, Rory. Hope I will be able to build that source code

I’m not able to build the source code :disappointed_relieved: Can anyone give me compiled (hex) firmware file? Thanks in advance!

I suggest opening an issue on the upstream repo requesting a release with the compiled files, or help with setting up your environment if you want to go that route. The upstream repo (maintained by our Farmduino manufacturing partner) actually has additional commits which I didn’t see before when linking our fork.