Strange motor movement

I purchased parts and successfully built a v 1.2 kit.
Wired everything correctly, the machine boots up and corresponds with the app.
I am testing all motors successfully through the CONTROL console of the app, All motors appear to be working but something strange happens;

One of the two X motors, the one connected to the ‘E0’ port on the RAMPS, only moves in the same direction (clockwise), regardless what order is being given. The other X motor functions both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

I tried any possible wiring combination on the RAMPS for that motor, it keeps running in just one direction; I also switched to a different motor, switched 3 different drivers from 2 different manufacturers and changed the cable.
The problem remains with both encoder on or off.

I assume the problem is either in a faulty RAMPS or there could be a glitch in the app (?) Any help would be appreciated!

Perhaps the DIRECTION pin is not being set correctly on the stepper driver due to a faulty connection either in RAMPS or the Arduino.

Could be your stepper driver not timing its pulses correctly. Did you try swapping the drivers with another motor and see if the problem moves to the new motor?

Indeed, I changed drivers and I also fed the motor through other stepper drivers of the other axis and it worked fine. From that point I realized the problem is probably in a faulty EXT0 socket on the RAMPS board.

I would like to test and perhaps someone could guide me, what does it take in terms of script, I would like to try and test it with the remaining free port of EXTRUDER-1 instead of EXT0; How do I make the EXT-1 ‘duplicate’ the orders of the X socket like the EXT0 is supposed to do? Hope I managed to explain myself :smiley:

Have you already ruled out the stepper drivers? If you leave the drivers plugged into the RAMPS shield and only swap the power cables, that rules out the motors but not the drivers.

To rule out the drivers and isolate the problem to the RAMPS shield, you should physically swap the stepper drivers between, say, E0 and Y. If the problem moves to Y, it’s the driver. If it stays on E0, it’s the RAMPS shield (but will require more troubleshooting).

I’d first be 100% sure about the source of the problem before you start coming up with worksarounds like duplicating E0 to E1 and potentially make it hard for you to upgrade your firmware every time.

Yes in fact not only I swapped between three actual stepper drivers, I also changed the motor to work with its ‘original’ step driver on a different location (such as moving both the motor and step driver to the Y slot solved it). For that reason I am confident the problem is actually in the board. Any advise on how to take it from here? Thanx!

Also @mdingena I understand your point of view, but I would simply want to make sure the RAMPS is the problem testing both X motors TOGETHER. If I will find out this is indeed the faulty part, I will simply get a new RAMPS board.