Success Stories?

I saw this a year and a half ago, but was in the midst of a move and put it to the back of my mind. Now that some time has passed, I’m finding it odd that there aren’t more success stories or even people sharing pics “look at my garden!” I did see the video of the build, but that didn’t show the results.

I really want to see something from someone who has used a Farmbot for a growing season (other than the project developers) and how it worked for their family. I have seven in my household, trying to eat healthier. We recently went through a round of Whole30 and the grocery bill nearly doubled! If a FarmBot XL could truly save us a few hundred dollars a month on produce, it would be totally worth it, but I really want to see some testimonials, not just estimates!

@leshric I still consider farmbot as a development playaround “experimental” type of thing and nothing you can rely on to produce food. Here are some reasons why:

  • software not realiably working 24 / 7
  • much manual work to fix bugs, to use workarounds, to understand how and why things are happening
  • I found the soil moisture sensor in v. 1.2 to be completely unreliable, between two measurements I had differences greater than 50% (if you consider a soil moisture scale from 0 to 100 %).
  • the seeding help is rather a first shot of how it could work but you´re faster off and more reliable to do it manually
  • the weeding might work with high amount of manual work, I did not get it working
  • in total: the complete platform is still too unstable to be used automatically without (big) worries

Hope that helps your decision, this is a true and of course objective report from someone who is constantly using the bot since 2 years now…

You can see a handful of images in this Customer Success Album we have on our Facebook page. You can also try looking at #FarmBot on Twitter and Instagram, though you’ll have to wade through our posts and link/text based posts to find the good stuff.