Suggestions for your consideration

Hi. First post here. I was first introduced to Farmbot when I saw a gif of it on Reddit a few months ago and fell in love. I just watched the Kirsten Dirksen YouTube video about it.

I have a few suggestions that might be helpful.

-Tire brooms and/or Cow catchers to clear the tracks of debris.

-Super-hydrophobic coating on the weed suppressor head to prevent weed seeds attaching to the head and being transported to other parts of the system. Also coating on seeder head for same reason.

-A housing for the tool heads rack to prevent rain, wind, animals and vandals from tampering with them and the seeds.

-UV coatings on all plastic parts

-Program the Farmbot head to travel between the rows of plants and water a few inches to the side of the plants. This will allow the head to travel a few inches above the ground and water near the plants’ roots and not onto their leaves. Water droplets on leaves become magnifying lenses on sunny days that can burn the leaves.

-Farmbot + Center pivot irrigation This might reduce the cost and maintenance of the system over time.

I have sporadically looked at hydrophobic coatings over the years. If there is a good one out there, vetted by the community, we should implement it. A good hydrophobic surface will not only repel water, but also not bond to the mineral deposit left behind by water evaporating. This has been the downfall to the product I have checked out.