Suitable 24V water pump?

My Farmbot Genesis v1.6 must take its water supply from a water barrel. Fortunately the perfect mod is described at… except the mod is for the original Farmbot with the RAMPS shield which uses 12V. The Farmduino board uses 24V.

I plan to connect the water pump to one of the spare peripheral ports on Farmduino and wondered if anyone can recommend a suitable 24V pump please?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Try this: RainFlo 24V Diaphragm Water Pump - Rainwater Collection and Stormwater Management

OR this smaller one:

Thank you very much @John_D for your reply. This is very helpful.

Would you or anyone else know the name of the connector used for the spare peripherals?

Also, what is the current limit of the 24V peripheral outlets? I see a 7.5A fuse on Farmduino so I guess that is the limit?

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That peripheral connector is described in several places in the [FarmBot Documentation], e.g.(Electronics and Wiring | FarmBot Genesis Documentation) :slight_smile:

That 7A5 fuse covers sum of all peripherals simultaneous load.
Each peripheral’s current limit is the limit of the Power MOSFET controlling it.
The schematics have the MOSFET part number and it’s easy to find that part’s max. current :slight_smile:


@captainsemtex keep in mind that the total current budget of the Genesis power supply is 6A25 !
Power Supply | FarmBot Genesis Documentation
If you’re just using the Farmduino Peripheral to control a pump relay then that should be Ok.

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