Take a short survey for farmers!

Hello everyone,
I’m a college student conducting research in sustainable agriculture and farming. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to lend some of their time to answer the questions that I have? I know they may be broad, but please feel free to answer them however you like. There are 13 questions and it would really be of huge help if anyone could volunteer (My goal is to get 5 interviewee).
Please message me or comment on this post and I will reach out to you!

Here are the questions:

  1. How long have you or your family been farming?
  2. What are your go-to solutions when you encounter problems at the farm?
  3. What are difficulties you face while farming?
  4. Do you think you need help in finding solutions in the problems you encounter at the farm?
  5. What kind of farming support [financial, community, risk management, locating market opportunities, food safety, mentorship/apprenticeship] do you receive on a regular basis?
  6. Where do you seek assistance from (financial, farming-related questions, troubleshooting)?
  7. How familiar are you with different farming techniques? (Literacy of farmers in farming techniques) [Ex: Agroforestry, Crop Rotations, Mixed/Inter-cropping, Polyculture, Water Harvesting]
  8. What kind of farming style/techniques do you implement? Why?
  9. Do you believe in sustainable agriculture? Why or why not?
  10. What farming communities are you associated with, if any?
  11. Would you encourage your family and friends to pursue farming as a career/occupation?
  12. What do you think makes you successful as a farmer? OR What hinders you from farming?

If you have extra time, my group and I would also deeply appreciate it if you filled this short 5-10 minute survey out as well.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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@caseychan I hope there are some at-scale farmers here to answer your questions. For my part, I own a small amount of farmland but it is idle except for this experiment with Farmbot.


Hi. I am just a recreational grower with Farmbot and converting the rest of my garden to edible plants. We live in San Diego CA. Our goal is to simply put something on our table several times a week that is from our garden - whether it is an herb, vegetable, fruit, or root.

And my go to solution when I have a growing problem:

  1. My friend Don who is retired and 20 years older than me and has an amazing wisdom for growing and gardening. He farms a 1/2 acre in San Diego and also owns a berry farm in Pennsylvania.
  2. The interwebs.

My next technology to explore is Nutrient Film Hydroponics . I want to build a PVC rail system with about 30 net pots for leafy vegetables and strawberries. FarmBot will be relegated to onions and other root vegetables that produce edible greens as well.

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Hi @John_D ,
Sorry if i’m asking for too much, but do you think he would be happy to answer these questions? If so, I can email him or you can refer him to this post.
Thank you for your time!

He did your online survey. If you Private message me your email, I can ask him to reach out to you if you need more information.

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For some reason, farmbot won’t let me private message you. I’ll leave my email here. Thank you again.

This sounds like an amazing project to do!

Will be based on a 4" PVC rail system. About a 30 plant stations. It will use 3" net pots. Doing my best to make it simple. Fountain Pump. Toilet fill tower to keep the reservoir topped off. Will just use portable pH and conductivity meters. I need to learn more about starting seedlings in rock wool, etc.