Targeting planting sites for transplants

I start a lot of seeds outside the FarmBot in growing trays under a grow light in my shed.

When it is time to transplant, I plan where I want the plants in the FarmBot map and get them all laid out the way that I want. Before transplanting, I plan a watering sequence for all the new locations. Then I remove the watering head on the Bot. This makes it so that it waters in a narrow stream. Run the watering sequence (3 seconds per stop). In this configuration, the Farmbot “drills” a hole in the planting bed that is exactly where the plant should be planted, and it pre-wets the soil for transplanting.


That’s a great idea! I thought about printing some sort of a dipple which I could attach to get the position and the hole for the transplants.

I do the same. It’s a very effective method.