Texting support for "Send Message"

I would like to use the AT&T Send email-to-text function to send myself a text message when the Farmbot throws an error. Unfortunately, the “Send Message” uses the email associated with the account for sending emails. If the Send Message had an email address field, a user could send texts to any phone number using an email to text account.

Alternatively, Farmbot could implement a send text using the same background interface, but have a @URL field for the various carriers:

@Davejavu We considered this, but it currently does not exist in the app. We would need to add some sort of verrification step as well, since this could become a spam vector.

In a previous post, you mentioned Lua scripting, so I assume you have an understanding of writing code. Are you aware of any SMS gateways that operate via HTTP? Or perhaps an HTTP-to-Email gateway?

If you can find such a solution, you might be able to re-purpose the Lua HTTP library to do what you are asking for.

Happy to help if you have any specific questions.

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