Thank you for all the new Youtube Vids just uploaded!

BIG thank you for all the videos just uploaded… Building my raised bed at the moment. And while I’ve read through both the hardware and software docs once or twice since first pre-ordering last July, something about having a video explanation/demonstration of the different elements GREATLY helps with making these concepts click for me. (And I’m sure I’m not alone.)

Seeing all these ‘new Youtube upload’ notifications in my inbox has genuinely renewed my excitement and confidence in moving forward. :slight_smile:

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Hooray! Thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile: For anyone who didn’t get the notifications, you can see the videos @romanarchitect is mentioning in this FarmBot Genesis v1.2 playlist that just uploaded over the last few hours. I’m sprinkling the videos into the documentation hub now so they’ll be easy to find and reference during assembly.

We have a few more component videos still in the editing room and also a 30 minute long complete unboxing video, which should be uploaded by early next week!

Help us translate these videos

YouTube has closed captioning abilities and can serve translated captions in any language. If you speak English and another language, we would greatly appreciate you helping to translate these videos so that they are more accessible to the global FarmBot community. You can submit translations through YouTube by clicking the “More” button that is next to the “Share” button on the video page. Then click “Add Translations”. :peace: :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :peace:

Software videos coming soon

Later this month we will begin shooting videos for how to use the FarmBot software as we know that this has been difficult for many people to grasp. We have plans to make videos for the following topics, though it may take a while to get them all shot, edited, and uploaded, especially considering that some videos need to include software features that are currently still in development.

  • FarmBot Software Architecture - How the Web App, MQTT broker, FarmBot OS, Firmware, and OpenFarm all work together
  • Configuring FarmBot - How to load FarmBot OS onto the Pi and use the WiFi Configurator to get your bot connected to the internet and to your web app account
  • Web App Basics - Creating an account, giving your FarmBot a name, resetting your password, different pages of the web app, status ticker
  • Web App Device Page - Discussing the various device settings and showing how they affect a real FarmBot device, calibrating your FarmBot, common troubleshooting advice
  • Web App Controls Page - How to use the controls, peripherals, and webcam widgets on this page
  • Web App Tools Page - How to add your Tools to the web app
  • Web App Sequences Page - Description of Sequences and the available Commands, how to build and test Sequences, best practices
  • Web App Regimens Page - Description of Regimens, how to build a Regimen, best practices
  • Web App Farm Designer Page - Description, how to add Plants to your garden
  • OpenFarm - Description, the origin of the project, how FarmBot uses OpenFarm, how and why to contribute to OpenFarm
  • Web App Events Manager - Description, how to schedule Sequences and Regimens
  • Web App Farmware Page - Description of Farmware, how to build and add your own Farmwares
  • Weed Detection - How it works, how to use it
  • Planting - Detailed step-by-step instructions (building sequences, scheduling them, etc) to get your first seeds in the ground
  • Watering - Detailed walkthrough of how to water your first seeds
  • Weeding - Detailed walkthrough of how to remove weeds with FarmBot
  • Moisture monitoring - Detailed walkthrough of how to measure soil moisture and use the data to water your garden more efficiently

Wait, so, the UTM cable is number-coded? Totally missed that! Would’ve saved me a bit of headache trying to figure out which cable is connected to which UTM pin…

Yes! Haha there are small white labels on each of the individual wires. From the docs: “Each small wire of the UTM cable is numbered with small white text. Fan out the wires and arrange them in order from 1 to 12.”

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The problem we found with the numbers on the UTM cables is they rub off very quickly. So our tip is to wrap a small sticky label around each before using it. Sounds fiddly (and it is) but it saves headache later on if you need to attach and re-attach the wiring. We’re also working on putting on little two eye solder tags so you can dispense with the fiddly cable ties.

A steepish learning curve, but it’s all good fun :slight_smile:

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