The farmbot won't stop when using manual controls

I’m trying to calibrate my farmbot, and in doing so, am trying to test the manual movement controls. The movement used to work fine when I had OS version 5.0, but after upgrading to OS version 6.3, the farmbot starts moving when I give it absolute or relative positions, but won’t stop - the only way I can get it to stop is to use the E-STOP button. I also noticed that regardless of the direction I ask it to move in, it’ll always move in the same direction.

Is there anything that changed with the upgrade, or could it be something else I may have done when trying to calibrate (I did try to auto home and calibrate without any success)?

What is the current position, and what are the stop at home, stop at max, and encoder settings?

The current position is -1091, -174, 0.
Only the Z axis is inverted.

Stop at home is set to Yes for all 3 axis, and stop at max is set to No for all 3 axis. Encoders ad not enabled for any axis, and I don’t have endstops, so they’re disabled as well. I did enable encoders at one point when I tried to use the auto homing and calibration features, but turned that setting off when it didn’t work.

If you click ZERO X and ZERO Y in the Homing and calibration section of the Device page Hardware widget, it should work as expected.

I think I figured it out, and in the process, I may have found a bug.

When I was playing with the auto homing and calibration features, I enabled encoders and turned on the “use encoders for positioning” settings. When auto homing and calibration didn’t work, I disabled encoders, which greyed out the “use encoders for positioning” setting. From the looks of it, it didn’t actually disable that setting, and was possibly still using it.

Everything went back to “normal” aftter I enabled encoders, disabled “use encoders for positioning” and then re-disabled encoders.

Glad you got it figured out, and thanks for the bug report. Use encoders for positioning should indeed only be used when encoders are enabled, which is why it is greyed out when they are disabled (although you should still be able to toggle it).