The Sequences that I have as of now

I have just basic sequences, but the people in my class are just amazed by them. I have it to where the FarmBot will pick-up each of the individual heads and move to a set position out away from the tool bays and then return them after moving away. Is there anything else I should know before continuing?


This is exactly the first steps I did with our FarmBot, and got the same rave reviews from students, teachers, parents, etc…

My next step was to put together some sequences that did this over and over, moving to different plot locations…

(Lots of “Find Home” to re-orient the bot)

That sounds a lot like where we started as well. Make sure you watch out for the Z value if you ever change it, will want to have a reset in your sequences to make sure you don’t run into anything. Just like Intelbotfarmer mentioned with the find home. The more indexed all the motions are the smoother and more collision free it will all be.