The types of plastic piping is very important

I removed the existing solenoid as it was only suitable for main water pressure.

I replaced it with a low-pressure 24 V solenoid and 24 V water pump so I could use a water butt. It worked perfectly. …but…

There is something that has appeared which I did not expect. Brownness of the piping.

The original hose remains perfectly clear but the two types of tubing I purchased from have both gone brown. One slightly so and one very much so. This I did not anticipate. There must be a UV sensitivity or something like that.

Any ideas anyone?

The first FarmBots we ever shipped used some type of PVC tubing and suffered from this problem too. If your tubing is a similar material it will get worse over a year or two until the tubing becomes brittle and cracks. Once we switched to a silicone tubing we haven’t seen the problem.

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This is great advice. Thanks. I wondered what the difference was.