Thoughts and ideas to protect FarmBot

We are hoping to be able to purchase and set up a FarmBot XL at our local elementary school. Since it will be outside and around kids, risk of injury, incidental damage, theft and vandalism are very real concerns. My “off the top of my head” idea is to build a chain link “box” enclosure. My rough cost estimate is in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. (40’ x 60’ to give room to work).
Does anyone have thoughts or other ideas?
The FB must be outside and on school property.

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Pet skunks trained to only like you, and still have their scent glands.

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I’ve been thinking on this. It seems the fence would be your best bet. I’m sure an electric fence is out of the question. But I would probably make sure their is a good set of surveillance cameras on it. That generally disuades any theft. I still think trained skunks would be a good idea as well :slight_smile: no one likes skunks.

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Yes, fence (chain link) seems to be what I keep coming back to.
I agree that security cameras with “You Are Being Watched” signs is a good add, too.
Now I have to see how cheap I can get it done well for.

Hi there,
We have one at a high school in New Zealand. The planter box itself is way at the back of the school and not that straight forward to access. We looked into getting a fence built, and the price you said was around the same for us. In the end we opted to fence the Farmbot in using large planter boxes that stops the young children getting their fingers into it. We assessed the risk and because of location we were not so concerned about theft, but we have got cameras looking down on it from the school building so we can track progress of the students as they work. Good luck!


Thanks for input @TechtoTableNZ
How long has it been setup for?
Any incidents?

A green house with a lock will also work. It will also improve your productivity by keeping the temperatures constant.

Good luck!

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