Too many cucumbers, too tall eggplants

Lesson learned: 3 cucumbers is too many and Eggplants grow too tall.

Lesson learned: 3 cucumbers is too many and Eggplants grow too tall. Robot is trapped.


My cucumber only grew 10cm tall, then it got stuck growing. Now I’m jealous of your garden :crazy_face:

Looks like you’ve got some good soil @John_D thanks for sharing!

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I have no idea what I am doing for gardening, just that I love it after two months. My eggplant dropped its only flower so far :frowning: and it hasn’t grown tall. What’s your secret? I have used semi-rigid thin copper tubing to cage my cucumbers and that is working out. I figure the copper is good in case any slugs come along. Next year I am going to build cucumber, squash and bean trellis tunnels.


The top layer of soil is about 12 bags (510 liters) of Dr Earth organic potting mix. Then I tilled in an appropriate amount of Dr Earth organic hand crafted veg and tomato fertilizer. The base layer of the mix is 2 cu yards (1500 liters) of planting mix from my local commercial nursery (~about $20 USD per yard). In between the planting mix and the potting mix is about 3 cm of worm castings from my worm factory vermicomposter.

Everything was grown from seed except the 2 Kale plants. The 2 kales are about 1/2 done and have already produced about 6 kg of kale leaves that we have cut and used. Already removed are 3 dozen radishes and 2 kg of beets.


Lol cucumbers grow like weeds same with pumpkins, courgettes etc. I remember learning that lesson they killed everything else in the garden :joy:. I get pumpkins regularly frowning out of my worm farm.

Cool, I wish my cucumbers would grow half as big as yours.