Too tall! How can I lower the gantry?

My gantry is too far above the soil and the seed planter does not reach the soil. This is due to the extra supports used to prevent the tongue (from the tongue and groove wooden raised bed) getting in the way of the gantry wheels/tracks.

Any suggestions on how to resolve? I was thinking of either:

  1. cutting the z axis gantry supports/columns in half (but not sure how).
  2. getting a longer z axis extrusion (would this even work?)

Ignore the weeds - I started building my Farmbot in the summer but did not complete it :frowning:

Please help! I don’t want this to become a white elephant!

Check the positioning of your hard stops, particularly the upper one, I think yours is far to low. Your pictures are almost where mine sits when totally raised. You can be kinda liberal with their placements just make sure you don’t place it to high up.

Edit: You probably know it, but your missing some wheels.


Hi Schmitz - Thanks for your response.
The new instructions recommend using fewer wheels, so hopefully at least that bit is correct. I will attempt to change the hard stops but don’t think it will provide enough extra distance to reach the soil.

You can cut the gantry columns down using a chopsaw with a metal cutting blade (best method), or a bandsaw or hacksaw (also with metal blades). Then sand off any rough edges and re-install. I would be careful of cutting them in half though, as then you will be significantly limiting the height your plants can grow before interfering with the gantry. Perhaps 100mm cut off would do.

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