Tool upgrade from Express to Genesis

Hi, after playing around with our farmbot express for a while we found that the integrated tool is not always able to perform the tasks that we would like to perform. This is why we are considering upgrading to a UTM. Is there a straight forward way to find out, which parts would be needed? Any suggestions for this step to minimize problems?

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Hi. I have done some research and came to the following conclusion:

  • it should be possible from a machanical perspective to attach the tool
  • a new cable has to be integrated to transmit the signals from the UTM
  • i am uncertain if the farmduino express will be able to handle the new inputs. The IOs on the board might be a positive sign. Is that correct?
  • I am uncertain about the selection / configuration of the firmware and farmOS. What should I select in the Web app?-

You would be better off buying a Genesis board and UTM cable with the UTM and tools. You may need a bigger Y axis cable carrier as well.

Thanks, @whitecaps, board, cable, carrier, UTM and tools. What about the software side? Would I just select genesis? What about the encoders (that I do not have in express)? Can we disable them?

You can disable encoders in the software. I don’t own an Express so it would be a good idea to confirm the best parts for an Express to Genesis migration from a Farmbot employee @Marc can you help?