Tool Verification Jumper Link (All B&C?)

I’m hoping someone can reassure me. For some reason, seems odd that all tools use B & C for verification. If that’s the case, why all the other letters? :slight_smile:

The hint is in the name of the Universal Tool Mount. To make such a system universal, it would need to be very flexible for many use cases, including use cases that the FarmBot founders themselves haven’t even thought of. This is the power of community driven development.

Those vacant letters are for you to use in any way you like. Do you want to make a tool head that has 3 servo motors and a sensor, well, you have many UTM pins are your disposal to wire it all up. And by using the same form-factor and labeling for each pin, your personally designed tool head will be easy to share with others around the world, as you can instruct them how to wire up theirs.

The tool heads that come with the kits sold by FarmBot don’t use all letters, but they are there for future use.

Now, what cool ideas can you come up with? Make sure you share them with us here :slight_smile:

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For sure, this point should be better known by all creative FarmBot ‘Makers’ :slight_smile:

Thanks @jsimmonds and @mdingena, appreciate the confirmation and inspiration. We just wondered as we encountered some strange activity re: default “unmount tool” sequence. Per the commands, supposed to move into position and offset 50 from the tool’s position but this is not happening. Instead, the z-axis is coming straight down on top of the tool (vs. offsetting). It homes successfully to zero 1st, as expected, so unsure of the issue. We were just wondering about the pins. Interestingly, “mount tool” works fine. Have a great day.

Seems like an issue for a different topic, but it sounds about right that the z-axis would not be offset when unmounting the tool. To unmount the tool, you first need to move horizontally at the tool’s Z coordinate, then vertically upwards to “pull off” the tool head.

Are you sure you are applying an offset to either X or Y (depending on your tool bay orientation) rather than Z for the unmounting sequence?

Thanks Marc, appreciate your quick response. Agreed, this should be another topic as jumper links have been ruled out. Interesting, think I found the issue. For some reason, the x-axis (need to reconfirm others, too.) is 5mm and that’s not correct. Not certain what changed or when, but I’ll need to address. This topic is closed. :slight_smile: