Toolbay mounting

Our first tries, still working with wood for the toolbays, with embarking and disembarking the tools went not so smooth.

The need to permanently have the toolbay surfaces perpendicular to the Z-axis and as level as possible, made us think of using the 2 spare track extrusions and 4 spare cable carrier supports, in stead of the recommended use of thick (red)wood for the raised bed.

We were lucky to be able to assemble these parts without the need to drill any new holes.

Seeing that the centers of the slots are 10 cm apart (thank you for using the metric system! and round numbers!), we placed the second toolbay at such a distance from the first one, that all y-coordinates of the slots are a multiple of 10, making use of the easiness of screwing and unscrewing the toolbays from the track extrusions. Using wood this wouldn’t be as easy.

Using 5 mm screws, for the fastening of the cable carrier supports, gives us some room to adjust the angle (2-3 degrees max) and height (1 mm max) of the “toolbay beam”.

We now have a construction, we hope, that needs to be strengthened further, but gives us more control over adjustments.

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