Track surface mounts

When designing the raised bed for my FarmBot I decided to add a 2x6 around the top for decorative trim. This board had a small overlap on the inside and a large one on the outside. As I found much further into my build :slight_smile: FarmBot comes with brackets that only support a mounting to the side of a box or planter. I tried to adapt these to my raised bed design, but it led to further problems with the z axis not having enough length to reach down far enough.

To solve this issue, I took the original design of the center track plates, bent them for surface mounting, and added structural supports so I could feel safe about 3d printing them. The design also uses “pills” instead of drill holes for the surface mount screws to assist with fine adjusting the tracks when squaring the unit.

You can check out my design and print your own too.

Hi Justin,
I have a couple questions about the belt tensioning setup. (The Kreeklove).
I printed out my set, but when I used the bolts to hold the back halves together, I notice that they don’t really self-thread. Did you notice the same? If so, how did you work around this? Bigger bolt? Epoxy? Hopes and prayers?

Sorry to hear you had issues. I think the instructions said to use M4 screws but I used the M5 x 10mm screws that came with the FarmBot v1.4 kit. They self tapped pretty tight. As a matter of fact, it would be nicer is the outer plate holes were slightly bigger so it didn’t have to tap through that plastic too.

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Yup, I used M4, just like it said…
I’ll use M5 and tap the first hole a bit.
Thank you!

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@jschneck What material did you use to print your models?

I used ColorFabb XT on an Ultimaker 2+