Translating the web app into Chinese

Hello, I’m a fan of farmBot in China, now I have a question, I want to change the web app front-end operation to Chinese front operation, whether to have relevant source code can be modified, specific steps how to do it, can you teach me, I will be very grateful

Thanks for your interest in internationalizing the FarmBot web app! To add translations:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Create a yy.js file in /public/app-resources/languages/ where yy is your language’s language code. Eg: ru for Russian. If your language already has a file, then you can skip this step.
  3. Search the application for calls to t(). Any file that imports from "i18next" will have strings that require translation.
  4. When you have updated or added new translations, commit/push your changes and submit a pull request.

If you have any questions, please let us know so we can support you in making your contribution :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you very much for your guidance. I have found the document of our national language, but I still don’t understand the next step, because I can’t find t (). Could you please tell me what to do?I still don’t understand, thank you:grin:

We have updated the README with some simpler instructions (See Translating the web app into your language at the bottom of the page).

As explained in the instructions linked to above, if the file exists, all you need to do is edit the translations: "phrase": "translated phrase". (Additionally, following the instructions in step 2 will create or update the file with new phrases to translate.)

Thank you very much for your reply. I know how to do it, thank you:微笑:

I have found the document of our language and opened it. What I am doing now is to change the English phrase to Chinese. Is that ok?

At the same time, I made a translation on the web page, shown in this way, as long as I found in the file of our language files, according to the content of the translation on the web, the file will be shown on the corresponding English phrases into web page in Chinese, whether can be like this?

Yes, to write a translation, you would change this "smile": "smile" to this: "smile: "微笑".

I’m not sure I understand your second question though. The idea is that the translations are used wherever those phrases appear in the app for users of that language.

I see. Thank you for your guidance. I appreciate it:狞笑:

Hello, I don’t understand the fourth step, I downloaded zip on this app module, also found in the file we language file and change the content to the Chinese, so what should I do next, where to put the files?

The last step is more complicated and meant for people familiar with software development. You can learn how to open a pull request with GitHub here and in GitHub’s other help files in case you do not have their desktop or command line tools installed.

If that is beyond your abilities, you are more than welcome to simply email me the file with your translations and we can integrate them into the app manually. My email is

Thank you for your proposal, I am a freshman, to this step still don’t know, I’m glad you can help me, I will change good file sent to you by email, if there is something wrong in the file and could you please help to correct or to give me your valuable opinions, I’ll change, thank you very much for your guidance:slight_smile:

zh.js (5.5 KB)
This is the Chinese language file I have found, I have changed the content, can you help me to see if there are any problems?If yes, please give me your valuable advice, I will correct him, and if you help me correct the wrong place, then I will be very grateful, thank you very much.Because the email I send you is always returned, all I can only send to you here

Thank you for the translation file! It looks good and there were no issues with it. We’re going to merge it into the main repository shortly and should have it pushed to the production servers next week. I’ll let you know when its available!

Thank you very much for your reply, I feel very happy, I just want to log on to my.farmbot.IO server in the browser next week, it will be Chinese, right?:微笑:

Hello, I have seen that you have published a Chinese document. I want to ask you, what can I do to make it appear in Chinese?:狞笑:

The translated file was uploaded to the repository and will be available when the official webpage got updated.
Currently it is only published to the staging server.

So you don’t need to do anything but wait until it is updated. I assume it will be in the next 2-4 days.

I see. Thank you very much for your reply

Hello, you are saying that when he updates, I just want to enter the browser. After this website, it is Chinese, right?