October 20, 2017 Software Update

We updated my.farmbot.io today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Show features that are not available when FarmBot is offline behind an overlay instead of hiding them.
  • Added an App Settings Menu (on the Account Settings page).
    Options include:
    • Enable Web App internationalization option (moved from account menu)
    • Confirm Sequence step deletion option (Thanks to creimers for the feature request.)
    • Hide Webcam widget option
    • Dynamic map size option (based on device axis length)
    • Double default map dimensions option
    • Display plant animations option
  • Added scrollbars.
  • Login stability improvements.
  • Misc. bug fixes.
  • Require email address verification when the account email is changed.


  • Added the Connectivity widget to help debug connection issues.
    • Status messages
    • Diagram
    • Diagnosis
  • Added selection of firmware board type to re-flash firmware from web app.
  • Added buttons to expand and collapse all hardware settings.

Sequences and Regimens:

  • Added an empty state graphic.
  • Swapped the left and right panels to improve workflow.
  • Scroll content of panels only, not the headers.
  • Improved experience for small screens.

Farm Designer:

  • Visual improvements and bug fixes.
  • Keep search field visible when scrolling through plants and crops.


  • Added a Take Photo button to the Move widget. (Inspired by a custom UI from the Taiwanese FarmBot User Group)


  • Improved color picker visual indicator for hue.
  • Removed overlays on Camera Calibration and Weed Detector widgets. (Documentation)
  • Fixed Photo widget metadata display bugs.

Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBotOS.



The INTERNATIONALIZE WEB APP function in the user menu settings does not change my language. It is still denglish, how can I set it to english properly?

Anything to mention regarding the weed detection farmware? Did you test it? How does it work?

Please see the documentation linked to in the above post for information about weed detection.

If you toggle the INTERNATIONALIZE WEB APP option to OFF and refresh the page, it should display in English.

The last time I worked on internationalisation, it wasn’t decided yet how the system would work. But at that time, the web app would look at your browser’s language setting. So instead of being able to dictate the language from a dropdown menu, it depends what language you’ve set your browser to.

If you notice that only some words are being translated, that is probably related to the fact that every time a new version is deployed, some strings are new and don’t have a translated version yet. They probably “fall-back” to English default, so only some words are localised and some aren’t. It will take a while before internationalisation is fully matured.

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Now it works in B79C9D38.

If you like to have a german translation, let me know how I can help…

Hi Klimbim, we’d love to have up-to-date German translations. Please follow these instructions.

Hi @roryaronson, it seems that the explanation in the post that mdingena linked is outdated as I do not find a /public/ folder in the web api repo. Could you please update the description such that I can add language translations for german?

See this post within that topic. The languages folder is still located within the public folder.

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@Gabriel Maybe it’s worthy of its own FAQ entry.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added a translations entry to the FAQ.