Trial test Integration of Smart Pest Monitoring & Detection System using YOLOv5 on Raspberry Pi4 with Farmbot

Trial run integration of the Pest Monitoring & Detection System using YOLOv5 on The Raspberry Pi4 Cyberdeck with the Farmbot.

The innovation students trained a customised pest detection and monitoring system using YOLOv5 for a Green Competition. They have decided to integrate and test it with the farmbot. It is currently running separately but they are researching they could integrate this as part of the farmbot itself.

The details of the project are in the medium link below.

Project Tithonus : A Smart Pest Monitoring & Detection System for Urban Farming.

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This work is very impressive! Would you mind if we did an interview with you and created a YouTube video similar to this one:

Hi Marc,

Sure. That will be wonderful :slight_smile:

Riaz Sulaimi
Senior Teacher, Science

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