Trouble connecting to network

I have the latest farmbot os. I connect to the WiFi signal from the Pi in order to perform setup. When I choose Wireless for the farmbot to connect to, I have tried both an open network and an encrypted network, but when the Pi restarts, it shows up again as an access point and says the reason it unexpectedly shut down was because of nx domain with this reference.

environment: prod
source_ref: 679a2a187f2d2e47d394e8575b7e1db418fba7ce
target: rpi3

When trying to connect to Wired Ethernet, it says it shut down because of an expired certificate.
Is there a way to do any troubleshooting to see why it won’t connect?

I’ve been hading the same issue for many, many months now. Would love to know if you find a solution!