Turn on Box LEDs?

I’m looking for the best way to control the Box LEDs to show the status of the FarmBot. Eventually, I will wire up a traditional LED tower like those used on full size CNC machines to show the machine’s status. But what I’m thinking for now is to use the 2 Box LEDs to show me the status of the machine. Whether the last sequence ran successfully or not, etc. Is there a way to do this? I was thinking of maybe turning off the LED at the beginning of the sequence and then turning it on when it reaches the end so I know everything has run. But not sure if there is another way?

@stre1026 checked the code and seems that TOGGLE_PIN is not allowed on the Box LEDs 3 and 4 (the white ones) . . but the CONTROL_PERIPHERAL Sequence step does work.
You should see the Box LEDs 3 and 4 in the Peripherals dropdown list for that step.

Fun !! Tell us when you want to do that as there are several viable solutions ( including a “non-invasive” one that needs no mods or wiring on the Farmbot itself but just uses another small computer that can Internet-connect to the FarmBot APIs ).

Ah, this is what I was looking for too. My Farmbot is indoors, in a school, with lots of foot traffic by. Since the servo motor update a year ago, the motors are quiet and so it is sometimes hard to notice the machine is moving.

I’d like to hook up lights that turn to warn people that it is moving (and to too keep fingers away from the tracks.).

Is there a way to turn on the lights whenever it moves? what would be the simplest way to do this?

“There’s always a way” :tm:

  • Do you have a spare “always on” computer ( e.g. spare Raspberry Pi 3 ) ?
  • What type of lights ? ( e.g. the traditional CNC light tower that @stre1026 wants ? )

Loaded question :slight_smile: but there are many approaches to your solution.

It’s straightforward ( if you’re confident with basic software development and appreciate the techniques that FarmbotOS uses ) to monitor your bot movements remotely ( same as if your were on your browser logged into your FarmBot Account ) and to write some small software to do this without any changes to FarmbotOS.

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