Unable to connect my own ntp server

Recently when we were testing the event function on th web, we found that the time was not synchronized.

Every time farmbot (os:v15.2.1) restarted the logs showed the date of April 19, 2022, which should be caused by the ntp server not being set up successfully, the ntp server was tested in other terminals without problems, our farmbot was deployed offline, please ask how to fix it?

We have tried to set the ntp server address manually when running WiFi configuration,but it didn’t work…

NTP Server on your local LAN should work.
In FarmbotOS Configurator advanced settings do you enter an IPv4 address ( ‘dotted-decimal’ ) ? or a hostname string ?

If you can connect to the Raspberry Pi 3B serial console you can use Toolshed to do some rudimentary troubleshooting from the IEx prompt ( e.g. tping and cmd commands to Linux to examine the network stack states, example below checks that ntpd is running with the correct time-server configuration . . “time.cloudflare.com” in my case )

Thanks a lot.
My local NTP Server is working,but the i can’t find the correct time-server configuration in th farmbot os ,Is it possible to confirm that there is a problem with my WiFi configuration?

Can I set the ntp server address use the command ?

@SK.LIN yes that’s possible but it is much simpler to just SOFT RESET ( Factory Reset ) the bot and use the Configurator AP again to set the correct NTP Server address.

It seems that I have set up the server, but the time still shows April 18.
I’m confused …

Try to ping those two NTP servers from FBOS , e.g.

FBOS can access the ntp server,but the time is still wrong, is it possible to manually modify it through the command line like in linux?

What time reference is your local time server using ?
Have you tested your local computers using your local NTP Server ?

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