Unable to download file from OnShape

Hi,I am weiwei,from China. I use the translation tool to express what i mean. hope you can understand what i mean. I’ll appreciate that If you teach me how to express it correctly.
I successfully downloaded all 3D printable parts files from OnShape.com, but I failed to download Track End Plate file. Nothing to happen when I click the OK button.
I use the Chrome browser.

Weiwei, can you try downloading the file into a different format. Instead of STEP try a different file type like IGES or another type.

thank you for your reply! I have tried it in my impression.I’ll try it again. should i use another Browser?like firefox?

I tried every format i can, still failed. I tried to use firefox Browse,and also failed.
Could you please send the files(all aluminum parts) to my emailbox ( 29613025@qq.com )?

Hello Weiwei,

Here are the parts. For the future, also try to “Make a Copy” or create an additional copy of the assembly and then export the parts. In the future if that dosn’t work OnShape offers a free trial for the professional version for 15 days. Using the professional version may allow for additional export capabilities.

Track Joining Plate - Track Joining Plate.step (70.9 KB)
Track End Plate - Track End Plate.step (58.7 KB)

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Hello Marc,
Thank you very much!

Hi Marc,
I tried it out “Make a Copy” you said, and it worked.
thanks again!