Unable to install 3rd party Farmware

Hello. I’m trying to install the Set Servo Farmware, however it doesn’t seem to work. I keep getting logs that say “Unknown error happened executing CeleryScript.” This same error also shows up when trying to install the Plant Grid Farmware as well. Anyone know what’s happening here? I know Farmware is still beta, perhaps there was some CeleryScript update that made this code obsolete?

Thanks for your time!

The minimum FarmBot OS version for those is v6, which will be released soon.

I’m not sure how to read version numbers but isn’t v6 already out? Looks like the current version of FarmBot OS is 6.0.1. Also, just to clarify, right now no 3rd party Farmware will install? Or is it just Farmware like the two examples in my post?

The two Farmware examples you linked to both have a minimum FarmBot OS version of 6 in their manifests. Only Farmware with a minimum FarmBot OS version number less than or equal to your current FarmBot OS major version number will install. Your current FarmBot OS version number can be found in the Device page Device widget.

Got it, thanks! Really looking forward to v6 rolling out. Have some great ideas for further Farmware. Thanks for all your hard work, guys!