Unusual Tool Tray Orientation Question

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As you can see from the image I have an atypical Farmbot install - to allow the rails to be mounted directly to the greenhouse structure the Y axis extends over a walkway that is not part of the growing area. To minimise lost growing area I want to mount the tool tray parallel to the X-Axis with the openings on the walkway side. I’ve rotated the UTM 90º as mentioned in the instructions. I’m not familiar with configuration options for locating the tool tray and manoeuvres to store and mount tools, and I was wondering (while I can see there’s physically space to do it) if the software will support the orientation shown, with the tool tray openings facing away from the growing area.


Hi @robinhilliard

I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. You just have to tell the FarmBot where your tools are located. You will also want to make sure that the toolbay is perfectly level and plum to the UTM, otherwise mounting and unmounting tools will be a problem.

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Thanks for the response. Is there a way to specify that the UTM should approach the tool bay from a particular direction, e.g from the right in the photo?

Did you set the SLOT DIRECTION setting of your tool slots? This setting should change the pullout direction which is used in featured sequences. Documentation


Ah excellent - that’s what I was looking for :-).

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Hi @robinhilliard, @Ascend beat me to it. I just setup a slot like yours I mounted on my bot to show you how it’s done…

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