'Update all plants' sequence

I recently found a sequence for ‘Update all plants’ which is required for continued operation of FB in certain conditions

To quote

This is necessary to ensure continued operation of some FarmBot setups with FarmBot OS 15.4.7+

To me, this is the wrong approach of fixing the issue is requiring these values but I guess this comes from my study of cyber security and the aircraft safety industry over the last 20 years.

In those worlds, the code should always ‘fail-safe’ to ensure that a hacker or failure cannot take advantage of any uncontrolled parameter or invalid entry, so all values are checked to ensure that they are what is expected and adjusted or disregarded if not.

The approach would be to modify the routines that require these values to be true and valid (during the reading process) and insert a default value if one is not present, or if the value is invalid. This eliminates the issue permanently.

Of course, I respect it may not be possible due to the coding space limitations of the hardware / OS, coding resource limitations etc

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