Update doc : vaccum pump cable missing


It’s look like there is a missing bit of info in the doc. When you look at https://genesis.farmbot.io/v1.3/docs/z-axis-cable-carrier
You are told to put the following cables and tube in the cable carrier :

Step 3: Lay out the tube and wiring

Keeping the mounting orientation of the cable carrier in mind, lay the UTM cable, the water tube, the camera cable, and the z-axis motor and encoder cables into the open cable carrier.

Nowhere you are told to put the vaccum pump power cable… did anybody notice it already ?

Side question : Can’t we just update doc ourselves somewhere ?

Thanks for bringing the omission to our attention; it has been corrected.

You can use use the SUGGEST EDITS feature (located in the upper right of the page under the search bar) to make changes and submit edits for review.

Thank you !