USB camera not detected


On my XL v1.4 kit, I never managed to take pictures.
When I click on “TAKE PHOTO” in the FARMWARE tab, I get the error messages “[take-photo] USB camera not detected” and “[take-photo] Problem getting image.”
I connected a PC (window 10) to the camera cable, and the computer does detect the camera.
I plugged a logitech webcam on the raspberry, and then, the farmware “TAKE PHOTO” works.
I tried to uninstall the farmware “take-photo” to reinstall it, but I can not find the address to reinstall it …
Can you help me ?
What other test could I try when the farmware will be reinstalled?
Thank you !


I reinstalled TAKE-PHOTO (Farmware / Set: First-party Farmware / Reinstall) but the camera is still not detected …


Since the usb cam (FarmBot) works on your PC, we can assume the camera is functional.
I am not sure how to just re-install the stock Farmware (but I know the instructions are out there), but I would just re-flash the OS, as I believe the Farmware is a subset of this.
That leaves at least two other things:
1). The RazPi (and maybe the connector on the board - but not likely since you got a Logitech to work)
2). The short angle connector cable used to get the camera connected to the the RazPi.

Can you try connecting to you PC using that cable, too?