USB camera not detected

On my XL v1.4 kit, I never managed to take pictures.
When I click on “TAKE PHOTO” in the FARMWARE tab, I get the error messages “[take-photo] USB camera not detected” and “[take-photo] Problem getting image.”
I connected a PC (window 10) to the camera cable, and the computer does detect the camera.
I plugged a logitech webcam on the raspberry, and then, the farmware “TAKE PHOTO” works.
I tried to uninstall the farmware “take-photo” to reinstall it, but I can not find the address to reinstall it …
Can you help me ?
What other test could I try when the farmware will be reinstalled?
Thank you !

I reinstalled TAKE-PHOTO (Farmware / Set: First-party Farmware / Reinstall) but the camera is still not detected …

Since the usb cam (FarmBot) works on your PC, we can assume the camera is functional.
I am not sure how to just re-install the stock Farmware (but I know the instructions are out there), but I would just re-flash the OS, as I believe the Farmware is a subset of this.
That leaves at least two other things:
1). The RazPi (and maybe the connector on the board - but not likely since you got a Logitech to work)
2). The short angle connector cable used to get the camera connected to the the RazPi.

Can you try connecting to you PC using that cable, too?

Hello everyone,
I finally take some time to give news.
I tried several things to solve the problem:
I re-flashed the OS on the SD card.
A colleague offered to increase the voltage delivered by the USB port, but he failed to access the settings.
I finally tested the short angle connector with the camera, and discovered an incompatibility! The problem comes from there! Thank you Intelbotfarmer!
But the purchase of a new short angle connector did not work: I had to tinker a metal plate to move all the RasPi to the right to have enough space to directly connect the camera.


Bonjour Coutances !
Nous avons nous aussi un problème avec la caméra usb.
C’est la camera de la raspberry pi ou bien la caméra USB qu’il faut sélectionner dans “Appareil” ?
A bientôt
L’équipe Lemonnier

Hi Lemonnier !
You have to choose “USB camera”.
But try to connect the camera directly without the short angle connector.

Can you send us some photo of your setup ?

Hello, I just got my Express XL, and I am getting the same USB camera error. I have unplugged/plugged, and flashed the OS. No camera. Please advise.

I am having the same problem. Farmbot Express XL kit, USB Camera selected but it says USB camera not detected. I confirmed all the wiring and did not reverse the camera and Z motor cables at any time.

If it is an official FarmBot kit, we can mail you a replacement camera. Please contact Marc directly at Please have your order number ready.

My problem was that I did not make the connection between the Z axis cable and the gantry cable correctly. Following the instructions in this video (thanks Marc) precisely did the trick.