Using hardware buttons for resetting to factory defaults

I think it would be better to have opportunity to do reset to factory defaults with long pressing hardware “E-stop” button or “E-stop” and “Release” simultaneously. In this case we don’t need restoring to factory defaults after 20 minutes of lost connection to server. I had unexpected restoring to factory defaults due to ISP problem. WiFi was still up but didn’t connected to the Internet. When I solve this issue I found my FarmBot waiting for WiFi and my account again.

@aketkov That’s a good idea, and you are actually the second person to suggest it. I will relay this back to the team. Thanks for the suggestion.

With regards to accidental factory resets, are you aware that this setting can be disabled?


Setting the switch above to “NO” will prevent your device from resetting itself in the future.

I think the reason you are having this problem is because you have been using FarmBot for many years. New FarmBot accounts have this setting disabled by default now, but that was not the case a year ago.

Thank you very much!

I really have old account but my first FarmBot is online only since this October. I didn’t know I can switch it off but I plan to make some changes in my WiFi network so I keep automatic soft reset for a while. Thank you again!

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