Using the bot to teach chickens not to eat the veggies?

Is it possible to teach the bot to teach chickens not to eat the veggies? I’m thinking a quick squirt of water to the face whenever they get too close might do the trick. Chickens are surprisingly trainable – we eventually taught them to stay off our deck for example by throwing a sandal at them whenever they forget the rules. But teaching them not munch on yummy seedlings would take a bot’s persistence I think.

Hahaha that would be a pretty fun feature - though I would use it on my roommates! :smile:

Right now sequences can only be executed if they are scheduled or if the user “tests” them from the web app. So there is no way currently to execute a sequence (spray water) based on an external input happening at a random time such a sensor detecting a chicken. But that’s a neat idea we can put in our long-term roadmap.

I imagine it would be something like IFTTT recipes, where the user would specify a trigger and the resulting sequence that should be executed. The controller would then be constantly monitoring for that trigger.