UTM and end stops connections to ramp's shield

hello! , I’m back to building my farmbot for good! , after around 3 or 4 years i watch every single video I could jej , i was able to get the UTM but forgot where it plugs on the ramps shield , can anyone help me with the connections for the ramps board ? i have the UTM and end stop switches to connect.
On other news i was finally able to buy the farmduino Express board so that would be a HUGE improvement for me , i can’t wait to have it here !! .

I’m so amazed on how much you’ve grown and improve the farmbot , so congratulations I’m the biggest fan of this since ever!

Hi @fede

Hope you have fun and satisfaction with that :slight_smile:

For Genesis V1.2 models, the Documentation pages should help you ~>

Wire up the UTM | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

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We’re glad you like your FarmBot! @jsimmonds is correct- those docs were recently added and are a bit different than the docs we had in the v1.2 days. Please let us know if you require further assistance.

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Thank you !! Yeah I love building FarmBot and well it’s great to have other people as well helping ! Thank you ! Later I’ll send some pics on how it’s going

Thank you rick !! Yeah am a huge fan of this jej , awesome I’ll keep you up date on my progress !

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