Utm tool connection stability is decreasig

I have overcome so many issues last year, and was very happy when my FB with OS 9.2 started to work very smoothly,
But after 2 weeks of duty, with only running one seeder sequence and a few watering sequences per day, the connection between UTM and tool (tool verification on pin 63) seem to get worse every day.
I protected all my sequences from doing anything, if no tool is mounted.
Now i notice that pin 63 is returnin “1”, very often though the tool is mounted. If i somehow re-connect the tool manually and turn it a little bit, finally the sensor returns 0 then.

I read several posts with similar problems, but they seem to use an older FB with a self-assembled UTM. I use FB Gen 1.4 with a pre-assembled UTM.

Is there a known issue about corrosion inside the UTM? DO I need to open and clean it or maintain it somehow?
Or any trick with the screws on the tool to improve connectivity?



@roryaronson, are there any tips from the team? It’s getting worse and worse…

I would guess that the screw on the tool is too far from the pogo pin in the UTM, and in some cases they are not connecting at all. Perhaps the pogo pin (which is spring loaded) is getting “sticky” and not popping back out all the way when the tool is dismounted. So the next time a tool is mounted, it doesn’t make the connection. Maybe some lubrication would help with this.

You might also try inserting a small washer in between the plastic tool base and the head of the screw, so that the head of the screw is a little bit closer to the UTM and depresses the pogo pin more whenever the tool is mounted.

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Thank you, I can confirm that lubrication spray helped a lot to improve the connectivitiy. I noticed that two pogo pins (the ones for the tool pin 63) had some kind of white layer (dust, lime ?) and also the movability had decreased. Now it works much better again, and also in combination with the “Set Pin IO mode” farmware my new capacitive soil sensor works very stable now…
I will also try your tip with small washers… maybe this can improve it even more.